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This is the only panel I went to during SDCC/Nerd HQ: the Conversations for a Cause for Nathan Fillion on Saturday. You can sort of see me putting up my hand to my friend for a high five when we win the Castle medical bracelet (my friend isn’t loud enough for them to hear her); at about 36:00, Zachary Levi comments on my ability to shout to be heard (I’m very proud); and at about 48:00, Zachary Levi comments on it being the only time he didn’t understand me. :D


You think I’m crazy?

#anti-regina#emma swan#regina mills#okay look at this and tell me regina was never abusive to henry#even if he were delusional who the FUCK would think this is the best way to handle?#no one#NO ONE#this is all an attack on emma and regina doesn’t care who gets in the way#she’ll use and hurt henry to do so#just like she killed her own father to get ‘revenge’ on snow#and also important is what happens at the end here#the camera STAYS ON REGINA#we get to see her little smirk drop#see her look troubled#and this consistently happens throughout the show#it’s a technique to foster sympathy because ‘oh look she feels so awful she’s about to cry’#we are shown so many scenes like this from REGINA’s perspective#and that’s why people are so defensive#but the thing is#she does feel bad she does regret what she’s doing she does hate it she is sad and damaged#i’ll give you all that#but it DOESN’T CHANGE A THING#she’s still going ahead and HURTING PEOPLE#people whom she is supposed to love MORE THAN ANYTHING#just to inflict more pain on others (who have never ever tried to hurt her)

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Death’s door in Being Human

I love how in Being Human they took “Death’s door” and turned it into something not terrifying but inviting. I think we all view death with that fear of the unknown and pain, the way Annie does when she (and we as an audience) are introduced to the door as a way of passing over in “Ghost Town”. Eventually, after Mitchell and Annie’s trip into purgatory, Saul and Kemp’s deaths, and the men with sticks and ropes, the doors end up representing, at least to me, peace and an exciting new beginning.

They also gave more meat and a concrete feeling to “passing over” and “completing unfinished business” and other ghost cliches. It gives a more final goodbye than the ghosts just poofing off, which could be confused with rentaghosting. (And also adds the terrifying possibility of floating away like smoke on the breeze, which allows the audience to still feel ghostly characters are in jeopardy) It also allows the ghosts to turn down the doors. The ability to turn down the doors gives ghosts power and makes each death have more of an impact. For example, Adam’s dad could have stayed with Adam as a ghost, but instead passes over. Also, George chooses to pass over and be with Nina rather than staying and looking after Eve. That choice makes both deaths even more tragic.

The doors have a physical
impact as well. Every person’s door is different, but I assume is the same for each individual since Annie’s door that appears at the end of series one and series four is the same on both occasions. I also love how Pearl and Leo’s doors form a double-door exit but are still completely different doors. Also, the similarity between George and Eve’s doors as a father-daughter pair is really cute.

Swan Believer Appreciation Week

Day 1: Favorite Happy Moments

"Henry. About what you said at the hospital, about how I can leave town?"
“See you tomorrow.”